Tate Glover

Evanston, IL, USA

Tate Glover

Tate Glover is a modern dance and film artist based outside of Chicago. As a choreographer, they enjoy working with the unique movement styles that each dancer brings to a project. Through their choreography they research relationships, emotions, and everyday activities as forms of self-expression. As a videographer, Tate is interested in how the camera can be used to enhance and manipulate the audience's perception of movement.


Tate's work includes the dance pieces “Please Don’t Feed the Animals” (2014), “Secret Planet” (2015), “Static Drift” (2015), and “Too late, No Apologies” (2016), as well as choreography for “Just A Lonely Man” (2017) . Their dance film “Static Drift Abridged” won second place in CalArt's Emerging Artists Competition for the Dance Camera West Film Festival in May 2016.